Sunando Dasgupta


Chemical Engineering



Research Areas

  • Microfluidics
  • Microscale Transport Processes
  • Interfacial Phenomena
  • Paper Based MF, Disease Detection
The research in this group addresses fundamentals of the transport processes at the microscale across diverse domains such as interfacial heat and mass transfer in ultrathin films, digital microfluidics involving precise movement of droplets using Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD), magnetic field and surfaces with chemical gradients, design and development of micro-scale heat spreaders for cooling of electronic components, formation and propagation of cracks during drying of microdroplets, self-assembly of biomolecules and biological processes in small confinements, study of protein nanoparticle interaction, preparation of biomimetic surfaces, pattern recognition during blood droplet drying for diagnostics etc. Significant collaborations, both national and international, exist with other leading groups in these areas.
  • Anisotropic Electrowetting on Wrinkled Surfaces: Enhanced Wetting and Dependency on Initial Wetting State Parihar V., Bandyopadhyay S. , Das S. , Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 34 1844-1854 (2018)
  • Mechanistic Underpinnings of Morphology Transition in Electrodeposition under the Application of Pulsatile Potential Dhara T., Ghosh U.U., Ghosh A., Vishnugopi B.S., Mukherjee P.P., Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 38 4879-4886 (2022)
  • Molecular Investigation of the Actuation of Electrowetted Nanodroplets Pathak S., Chakraborty M., Dasgupta S. By Langmuir 38 3656-3665 (2022)
  • Thermally Programmable Dynamic Capillarity in Nanofluidic Channels Grafted with Smart Elastomeric Layers Banuprasad T.N., DasGupta S., Chakraborty S. By Small 18 - (2022)
  • Development of Graphene Oxide - PDMS Composite Dielectric for Rapid Droplet Movement in Digital Microfluidic Applications Basu M., Parihar V. , Lincon A. , Joshi V. P., Das S. , Dasgupta S. By Chemical Engineering Science 230 116175- (2021)
  • Role of Anisotropic Pinning and Liquid Properties during Partial Rebound of Droplets on Unidirectionally Structured Hydrophobic Surfaces Parihar V., Chakraborty S. , Das S. , Chakraborty S. , Dasgupta S. By Chemical Engineering Science 230 116197- (2021)
  • Evaporation Mediated Translation and Encapsulation of an Aqueous Droplet atop a Viscoelastic Liquid Film Subramanian S. G., Nair S. , Dasgupta S. By Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 581 - (2020)
  • Interfacial Energy Driven Distinctive Pattern Formation during the Drying of Blood Droplets Mukhopadhyay M., Ray R. , Ayushman M. , Sood P. , Bhattacharya M. , Sarkar D. , Dasgupta S. By Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 573 307-316 (2020)
  • Molecular Dynamics Study of Thermally Augmented Nano-Droplet Motion on Chemical Energy Induced Wettability Gradient Surfaces M. Chakraborty, A. Chowdhury, R. Bhusan, S. DasGupta By Langmuir 31 (41) 11260-11268 (2015)

Principal Investigator

  • Centre of excellence for training and research in Microfluidics IIT KHARAGPUR

Ph. D. Students

Abhijit Lincon

Area of Research: Biomicrofluidics and electrochemical sensors

Amaan Dash

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Banuprasad T N

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Deeptayan Datta

Area of Research: Interfacial Phenomena

Itishree Panda

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Kalpita Nath

Area of Research: Microfluidics


Area of Research: Micro and Nano Fluidics

Soumya Biswas

Area of Research: Biomicrofluidics

Tenneti Srinivas

Area of Research: Microfluidics

Trina Dhara

Area of Research: Interfacial Phenomena in Energy Storage