Siddharth Tamang

Assistant Professor Grade-II

Mechanical Engineering



Research Areas

My key research interest lies in the areas of joining of dissimilar materials having varying properties by utilizing various welding (joining, brazing) processes. My other research interests are processing of polymers, metals, ceramics and composites by microwave energy. My studies are focussed on manufacturing, material characterization and mechanical performance analysis. I look forward for solving industrial problems in the area of aerospace, automobile, biomedical, defence etc. by experimental and finite element analysis.
  • Joining of dissimilar metals by microwave hybrid heating: 3D numerical simulation and experiment Tamang S., S. A. By International Journal of Thermal Sciences 172, Part A 107281- (2022)
  • 3D numerical modelling of microwave heating of SiC susceptor Tamang S., S. A. By Applied Thermal Engineering 162 114250- (2019)
  • Brazing of cBN to WC-Co by Ag-Cu-In-Ti alloy through Microwave Hybrid Heating for Cutting Tool Application Tamang S., S. A. By Materials Letters 254 145-148 (2019)
  • Effect of susceptors on joining of AA6061-T6 to AZ31B by microwave hybrid heating Tamang S., S. A. By Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 31(2) 1130-1139 (2022)
  • An Investigation on Joining of Al6061-T6 to AZ31B by Microwave Hybrid Heating using Active Braze Alloy as an Interlayer Tamang S., S. A. By Journal of Manufacturing Processes 28 94-100 (2017)

Principal Investigator

  • Manufacturing of Bimetallic Ti - Al alloy structure by CMT-WAAM Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Microwave brazing of super hard materials for cutting tool application SRIC, IIT KHARAGPUR

Ph. D. Students

Gaddam Kranthikumar

Area of Research: Welding

Vishal Mishra

Area of Research: joining of hard and superhard materials