Anway Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Areas

  • Indic Studies/ Vedanta, Tantra, Shaktism
  • Gender Studies, Philosophy and Religion
  • English Literature, Cultural Studies
  • Comparative Literature, Myth Studies
  • Translation, Folklore Studies
My present work focuses on the interface between religion, gender and philosophy. I work on the Indic traditions, in terms of religious cultures, literary, philosophical and scriptural texts and performative traditions. Apart from these, my areas of interest include theories of performing arts, literary and cultural theories, ethnography, philosophy of speech and communication, myth and folklore studies, postcolonial literature, border studies etc. 
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Principal Investigator

  • Archiving the Heritage of Hindu Spiritual Congregations in Varanasi (Along both Synchronic and Diachronic Axes) ISIRD, SRIC

Ph. D. Students

Abhinandan Das

Area of Research: Development Studies

Achebe S

Area of Research: Gender Studies

Ajay James

Area of Research: Graphic narratives, Asian American literature

Anjana Ambali

Area of Research: Indigenous Literature of Americas & India

Arnab Panda

Area of Research: Literary and Cultural Studies

Bijetri Datta Majumder

Area of Research: Border Studies, Human Settlement and Dalit Identity

Ishrat Ara Khatun

Area of Research: Postcolonial Writing, Gender

Karishma Anand

Area of Research: Indic Studies, Gender

Kriti Acharya

Area of Research: Gender Studies

Lakshmi Ajikumar

Area of Research: Women''s Writing

Sudipta Chakraborty

Area of Research: Indianizing medical humanities from Shakta tantric perspectives